We started 2021 with an exciting opportunity for the poetry community! We created the Poetry Showdown, calling on the poets to come and contest for the chance to win a 3d animated poem, music and scoring from ea records and an Illustration of their best picture! Watch the initial advert/call out below:

After the advert/call out went out for 2 weeks we got 12 amazing contestants coming from 4 Countries, officially making it an Internationl Competition!

We had Contestants from China, Ethiopia, South Africa and Zimbabwe! Each of them sent through their 1 minute pieces and voting was underway!

Top 5

After voting was done, the top 5 started preparing for the final, with the topic “Stuck in Time”. They had enough time to prepare 2 minute pieces to deliver their pieces on the topic!

The Final!

On Saturday the 30th of January 2021, we hosted the epic finale to this showdown! 

Hosted by our very own Kudakwashe Maxwell with Hey Hey Preacher as the guest, the Final was epic and an excellent way to conclude this epic competition!

Click on the image below to watch it!


Congratulations to Tafadzwa Everngelister Mazhara aka (The Lioness Taffy) on winning the epic Poetry Showdown in an epic finale! She proceeds to take the prize!

And that Concludes our Poetry Showdown!

Special Thanks to:

ea records | Zimbabwe Animation | Kakic Universe

ea records