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3 October was Comexposed Converge 2018 and Kakic Universe was a part of it!


What is Comexposed?

According to their website:

“Comexposed Enables you to Discover African art. It is an industry hub, where media & entertainment artists can keep up with each other and find new inspiration every day and where publishers have the opportunity to get their works in the hands of their fans.

Comexposed is a platform to showcase the brilliant work of African comic and digital artists. Comexposed Connects African digital artists to the wider industry fostering opportunity for collaborations, knowledge sharing, jobs and talent scouting”

Find out more by visiting their website > www.comexposed.com


Kakic Universe was showcasing videos, current work and we brought in a new feature!

Free Voice Overs!

Kakic Universe Free Voice Over Challenge
Free Voice Over Challenge at Comexposed 2018

We released our new video “Knock Out”, A boxing match video about the epic fight between Gwinya Gwinya and Madanga!

And Instead of having one of us do the voice over like we usually do for our videos, We

got the audience to come and do the voice over for free!

People would get a chance to watch the video once, then the second time they had to do improvised commentary of the video, and it was so entertaining!

Screenshot from the Video Knock Out

Below is a compiled image of all the people who took part in the various voice over challenge!

People Who Participated in the Voice over challenge

The challenge was quite popular and well engaged! People had fun putting in their voice overs and we had fun listening to them!

Below are the 2 videos of our patron’s voice overs!

Entertaining and Fun Right! Heres a recap of the day!


Comexposed Converge Summary

We even got an Honourable Mention From TechZim

We Even Got an honourable mention in an article by Techzim, an ICT and business publication.

Read the full article here:

Below are more pictures of the team at Comexposed 2018!

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