Hustler's Package- WhatsApp Status Adverts

We are happy to introduce and announce a new package to our catalogue, the Hustlers Package, Short videos for advertising on your whatsapp status!

Watch the video below for more information!

If you Advertise your goods/service on whatsapp, then this is for you! 

We understand that these days people are using their whatsapp statuses to advertise their products and hustles, so here’s one for the hustlers! Stop spending too much time and data posting hundreds of pictures and videos at the same time, here is a simpler, and more organised solution!

We’ll create well organised videos that you can post on your status,
So its organised, professional, and best of all, affordable!
Made specially for the hustlers!

Kakic Universe Business

The Business Side To Kakic Universe, We create Content for your marketing and Advertising Campaigns! Why Not add some animation to your advertising campaigns and spice up your promotion to your customers. We have a lot of services to offer, come and engage us, and experience an excellent service with a satisfactory end result. Your Imagination is the only thing that limits how far we can go!

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