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Attention Poets and Spoken word artists! Get your game on! Stand a chance to win a 3d animated video for your poetry together with music and scoring from Industry Professionals, ea records and An illustration of your best photo! All this is up for grabs if you can win our POETRY SHOWDOWN!

Watch the video below for more information:

The Prize:

An example of what exactly we are offering in terms of the 3d Animated Video is “Panze”. Panze is a project we did  with Hey Hey Preacher,  a spoken word artist, poet and a contemporary hip hop artist. In 2020 Hey Hey Preacher composed a fantastic Piece called Panze, which talks about the effects of the Covid-19 Lockdown on the people of Zimbabwe.

We animated his piece, added music and scoring and the final piece is one of our Masterpieces!

You can find a link to Panze on the bottom of this page.

So whoever wins the competition wins a 3d animated video for one of their poems, music and scoring from ea records and illustration of their best picture.

A break down of the costs of these prices:

Producing Panze cost: $450 USD Over 12 weeks for the visuals. $80 usd for the music and Scoring and the Illustration costs $15 USD

All together, the prize is worth $545 USD (*You can not get the prize as money, only Production Services!)

How It Works:

1) FOLLOW OUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT @kakicuniverseanimation (You won’t be considered if you do not follow the account.)
2) You need to pay an entry fee of $2USD or RTGS/ZIPIT/Ecocash Equivalent
3) Send a video of yourself performing any one of your pieces (The Maximum length for poems is 01 min).
4) Videos will be uploaded on our Instagram account, the top 5 videos which will get the most likes will proceed to the final.
5) The final contestants will get a chance to square off on an Instagram Live battle.
6) Winner gets the free animated video, music and scoring by ea records, & illustration

Click on this image to be taken to our instagram account

And that’s it! Competition begins on the 17th of January!
All entries to only be considered from the 17th to the 23rd of January 2020!
Videos to be uploaded on the 25th of January. Voting to begin from the 26th to the 28th.
Final to be hosted on Saturday the 30th of January.
Let the best wordsmith win!

Additional Rules:

  • You can use any language that you are comfortable or most fluent in.
  • Video must  not exceed 01 min in length.
  • Participants not limited to Zimbabweans only, all countries are welcome, as long as they can pay the entry fee.
  • The video can be about anything, it can have you performing, acting or visualising your piece in whatever method feels best to you.
  • No nudity or foul language allowed.
  • You can re-use footage or performances from other competitions, as long as you have permission from who ever holds it and can prove that you were granted permission, also you need to prove that the performance is yours.

Terms and Conditions

  • The submission fee is non-refundable regardless of your performance or outcome in the competition.
  • By Submitting your video, you are granting us permission to post it on our social media platform where people will get the chance to vote for it. We will not use the content or lyrical content in projects non-related to this project without your consent.
  • By participating in our competition you agree to our terms and conditions as well as the rules and regulations. 

Payment Details:


Then Get Your Game on!

Watch Panze Now:

Below is the link to take you to watch Panze. Watch the poem and see what we did, watch behind the scenes to see how we created it and more additional content on the project like interviews and news articles.

Panze | Zimbabwe Animation | Kakic Universe


Animated poem on the effects of the Lockdown on the people of Zimbabwe. Based on the piece by Hey Hey Preacher


Animated poem on the effects of the Lockdown on the people of Zimbabwe. Based on the piece by Hey Hey Preacher

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