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Zim Women Do Dubai Clothing Designed by Kakic Universe

In February 2020, Dr Abigail Magwenzi Led the Red Lipstick Revolution and other high profile women in the business community on a international Business Summit in Dubai, the ZIM WOMEN DO DUBAI. Kakic Universe was proudly the official media partner,  read more about that below:


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Zim Women Do Dubai | Business News

We are proud to announce that Kakic Universe is the official Media Partner for the Dubai Busines Expo; ZIM WOMEN DO DUBAI, from the 21st – 22nd of February 2020.Zim Women Do Dubai is an international business Indaba that will build bridges between .....

As stated in the article above, we created their promotional material including count down posters as well as the official video.

We also designed the clothing that the delegates wore during their summit, see the pictures below:


We are honoured to work with Dr Abigail Magwenzi and the Red Lipstick Revolution as we continue working together.


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